first post as a vista!

Sorry that it’s been so long since my last post! I’ve been all over the place: family vacation on Long Beach Island, Pre-Service Orientation in Philadelphia, and adjusting to my new job….plus getting used to living with my parents again after college (which is fun for the most part, but also equally challenging in other ways even though my parents and I get along).  I didn’t relocate to Hartford because I already live in Connecticut, so right now I’m also adjusting to my commute and whatnot.

So far I am really liking my placement! The site I work at does some really great things for Connecticut youth, and as a result is definitely an organization that I feel good being a part of, if that makes any sense. There are two other VISTAs at my site, Johnanna and Julia, and they are both wonderful. It’s like having a built-in support system, and it’s been a real relief that I am not going this alone.

Another benefit of actually starting VISTA is that I can actually explain what exactly I am working on this year.  Basically, VISTAS are supposed to build capacity in organizations so that the organization can expand its services and better serve its community. By building capacity and improving organizational services, VISTAs hope to eliminate poverty in their communities.  I am working in the Quality Assurance department at OPP. The basic function of QA at OPP is to constantly improve the services that we provide to youth members.  My specific project this year is to build a network of nonprofit QA professionals to strengthen OPP QA’s professional knowledge and strategic partnerships. I am trying to achieve that by making a LinkedIn group and possibly scheduling in-person meetings.

Otherwise, my post grad life has been relatively uneventful. While I do miss HC to pieces, work has really kept me from missing school too much!

PS:  Just want to  plug my fellow HC alum, former roommate, and dear friend Rebecca’s blog about her year as a Jesuit Volunteer. Rebecca is an amazing writer and even better person, so check her out! You won’t regret it!