a christmas fail

After a series of rather unfortunate events (including but not limited to my laptop’s death, a minor fender bender, and a week-long cold that made going to work miserable), things have finally be turning around for me (winning a $50 gift card at a conference, finding a favorite pair of shoes, and realizing that I don’t always have to wear pants at work).

Work has been going pretty well. Well, other than the Secret Santa Catastrophe of two weeks ago. Basically, I helped my fellow VISTA JoJo write out the names of all of OPP’s employees for the office Secret Santa.

I thought I was doing a nice thing by helping a coworker. But in true Alyssa fashion, it all went wrong.

After about three quarters of the office had drawn names, JoJo realized that there were 10 people who had yet to pick….but only 9 slips left in our envelope. The verdict: we had accidently forgotten someone’s name.

So we had to go to everyone who had already picked, tell them that we might have forgotten someone, and ask them who they had picked. In total we had to admit this to approximately 35 of our coworkers. Oh, quick sidebar: I was the one who forgot to put that person’s name in. EPIC. FAIL.

Eventually we figured out who we forgot, placed the person’s name in the envelope, and all was well (I was not branded as the VISTA Who Stole Christmas–major relief there. People in my area of the office still haven’t forgiven me for that time I accidently burned a bag of popcorn. My reputation couldn’t bear the burden of ruining Secret Santa).

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