One year out!

I meant to write a post on this last week, but I am still in shock that it has been a year since I graduated from Holy Cross.  Sometimes I feel like I should be moving into Carlin for Kimball week or waking up at godawful times to go on a band trip.

A couple weeks ago my 17 year old brother went on a tour of  Holy Cross himself. Way to make ME feel old.

This past year has flown by.  I’ve struggled with moving back home and starting a new job;  more recently I started transitioning out of my AmeriCorps service and into a new service position.  I miss working ridiculous numbers of shifts at Kimball, watching TLC and doing nails with my roomies on Fridays, and acting like a lunatic with the band at basketball games.

Still, moving forward has been amazing. It’s so nice not to go crazy over exams or papers  or wake up early on Saturday to haul marching band equipment down to Fitton. I still miss my friends, but freshman year of real life hasn’t been that bad so far. Here’s to sophomore year being even better.

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