And the man…was a midget

Finally, after five long years, R. Kelly released Chapter 23 of Trapped in the Closet! As an avid Trapped in the Closet fan, I was delighted (read: nearly wetting myself with joy). Trapped in the Closet is probably one of the most entertaining things I have ever seen in my entire life. I know that I can watch it any time I’m feeling sad or stressed out, and I will instantaneously feel relieved.

While Chapter 23 raises more questions than answers (Who has the package? Where is Chuck? How did Twan’s arms get so big), I am heartened to see that the next 20 chapters will be released on Black Friday. I can’t wait to force more of my friends to watch it!

Anyway, here are the top reasons why I love Trapped in the Closet.

  • Hip-hopera is an innovative format.
  • It helped me bond with my college roommate, who later became one of my best friends!
  • It is completely ridiculous.
  • I enjoyed making my Kimball workers play R Kelly Trivia to pick jobs
  • It brings people together–two of the actors got married after falling in love on the set!
  • Trapped in the Closet was nominated for a Grammy but lost out to Madonna. Clearly Kells was robbed.
  • Two words: Pimp Lucious.

R. Kelly is either completely insane or a comedic genius for Trapped in the Closet. I like to say that Kells is a genius. Thank you Kells for giving the world this work of art.

Also I apologize for how disjointed this post is…that’s what you get when you react out of pure joy and delight.

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