Grad school updates!

Now that my office has a 2 hour delay…here’s some updates about my grad apps!

I got into Brandeis two weeks ago for the Master of Public Policy Program! Because of my AmeriCorps affiliation, they offered me a $20k merit scholarship…which covered only about half of tuition. I was super pumped to get in, but I knew I couldn’t afford to move to Boston and take out any more student loans. Sadface.

THEN…the UConn MPA saga. At open house, grad students told me that the admissions committee was meeting on March 4th and notifying applicants that day. March 4th and 5th passed, no answer. I went to a class on March 5th, and the program director told me they were meeting March 6th and notifying applicants THAT day.

So when March 6th passed with no word, I immediately assumed I didn’t get in and had a major meltdown at home.  I basically didn’t sleep and woke up at 5:30 in the morning. For those of you that know me, you know that I NEVER EVER WAKE UP THAT EARLY .

I called UConn in the morning yesterday and got no answer, and I assumed that they were giving me the dip.  I called again like a crazy person in the afternoon and finally got answers!

I was accepted into the MPA program with a graduate assistantship! I get a full tuition waiver + stipend, meaning I can save my 2 Segal ed awards for another day.

Also, the Department of Public Policy campus is RIGHT NEAR A NOODLES AND COMPANY. I’m in heaven.

ETA: My sister got into the MSW Program at UConn and my brother passed his Eagle Scout Board of Review! This has been a really good week.