First semester of grad school in the books!

One debate, one hour long presentation, two finals, and several papers later, I am done with my first semester of graduate school! I’m also eagerly awaiting my grades. All I have to do is work over winter break per graduate assistant requirements. Not too bad of a deal!

Let me just say that finishing out this semester was very empowering. I wasn’t very confident at all in my quant skills, but I managed to get through the semester feeling really good about my progress there.  Holy Cross definitely prepared me for grad school, so while I had to re-familiarize myself with math, the workload wasn’t really too different from what I would’ve had in an HC class. Actually, I think I had more assignments in some of my HC classes!

So there’s a lot of new stuff going on with me.  I was selected as a first year student representative on the Admissions Committee and  ran unnopposed for elected Public Relations officer for the Graduate Association of Public Policy Students (fondly known to MPAers as GAPPS!). I’ll be a little busier come next semester, but it’ll be for the better.

I’m all enrolled for next semester too!

  • Applied Research Design
  • Policy Analysis
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations