back to the real world

So vacation is over and I’m back to the office!

All in all, last week was a much needed break. I got to spend some time with my friends from home, which was awesome because I’m usually too tired/cranky to hang out after work.

On the Saturday before Memorial Day my friend Alysha had a meat party at her house. We cooked all types of meat over an open flame and enjoyed some brews.  Nothing beats good friends and a warm fire.

This past weekend I went camping FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME on Cape Cod with some of my friends from Holy Cross/the HCGTMB.  I’ve decided that I’m not much of a wilderness/camping kind of girl, but I had a great time hanging out with some wonderful people that I hadn’t seen in awhile.  I met up with my friends Lindsey and Meghan in Harvard, Mass, and then we drove up to BC to pick up our friend Brian.

Johan Santana got the first no hitter in Mets history, after 50 years and over 8,000 games! Unfortunately for me, I was camping with no TV access, and surrounded by Red Sox fans who didn’t understand how exciting this was for a poor old Mets fan like me. I’m so happy that Johan was the one who finally got it! He’s a true class act and an awesome Met.

Unfortunately, we got hit by a huge rain storm on Saturday. We made the best of it by going candle pin bowling.  I was a little disappointed that we didn’t encounter the Cape Cod Bear (the black bear that swam across the Cape Cod canal and has been wandering around the Cape ever since), but all in all, I had fun.

I also got a bit of reading and pool time in last week

Now, back to reality…

Free at last!

  1. I’m officially on vacation for the next week! Well, technically it’s mostly a staycation for me since I’m only going away for a couple days. I had saved up my personal time to use at the end of my service term for job interviews and whatnot. Once I got my VISTA Leader position, I didn’t need to use that time anymore, so I decided to take this whole week off! I’m going to the Cape with a couple of my good friends from Holy Cross from June 1st to June 3rd. I’ll spend the rest of the week running some errands, renewing my license, and generally decompressing. I haven’t had a whole week off since last August, so this week is totally welcome to me. 
  2. I’m getting a head start on my summer reading list (translation: finally reading all the paperbacks I bought years ago and never got the chance to use). Right now I’m reading Live From New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live, and a YA novel about beauty pageant contestants stranded on a desert island a-la Lord of the Flies called Beauty Queens.  Both are pretty good so far! I’m open to any suggestions! (Sidenote: you can add me on Goodreads if you’re into that kind of thing)
  3. Speaking of books, I love reading on my Nook!  I have both the Nook Simple Touch and the Nook Color, but the reading experience on the NST is overwhelmingly better, at least in my opinion. I was an e-reader doubter until I got one myself, and I would totally recommend a Nook to anyone looking for an e-reader.  Plus, I can read in the sun on the Nook. 
  4. I did a 2-hour Zumbathon to benefit my friends’ Relay for Life team on Monday. When I first started doing Zumba, I never thought I would be able to keep it going for this long. I had a lot of fun. I also sweated more than I ever have in my life. And that’s including wearing a marching band uniform in Florida or during the Memorial Day Parade. 
  5. David Wright is still being awesome! D-Wright has always been my favorite player since he came up, so it’s great seeing him play so well. He is currently batting .405 and leading the team in other categories. All with a broken pinkie. Well, maybe the pinkie has healed itself.  And Fred Wilpon said David Wright wasn’t a superstar? 

Friday Five: TV Time edition

  1. I hate to say this, but am I the only one that was a little underwhelmed by the How I Met Your Mother season finale?  The big reveal of the bride was no surprise. I also felt like a lot of the jokes fell a little flat (i.e. baby Erikson’s middle name, Victoria’s return, etc.). I think the jokes and gags had the potential to be funny, but something just seemed a little off about the episode to me. Yes, Barney and Robin are endgame. That’s great. I just really want to find out who the damn mother is. I don’t wnat to see another dead-end or rehashed Ted relationship. I’ve stuck with this show a long time, and there was a time when I was really obsessed with it (Disclosure: I started watching the episodes on DVD in 2009, so I know I’m not like one of the early adopter fans, but STILL. That’s a lot of TV to watch).  Maybe I was the only one who just wasn’t feelin’ it. 
  2. And speaking of disappointing TV…I think I’m over the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  The first few seasons were a lot of fun, but season 4 so far has been full of hate. I mean, the first couple episodes were driven by Teresa’s cookbook and a comment Teresa made to her brother OFFSCREEN. Teresa is no angel (see how she treated Danielle in S1-S2), but I just can’t stand all these grown women gang up on someone.  Caroline is a know-it-all, Melissa is fake, Teresa is a fool, Kathy is a pot stirrer, and Jacqueline is wishy washy. The episodes I’ve watched this season are more painful than fun, so I think it’s time to give up on RHONJ. 
  3. On another note,  the agency where I work is having the annual all-staff meeting at 6 Flags New England. While I’m not super excited about driving all the way up there, I am excited to ride some roller coasters. I haven’t been to a theme park in so long. I think the last time I went was when I went to Fright Fest with my friends Lindsey and Michelle freshman year of college.  I’ll only have a few weeks left here before I start my next service year, so this should be a fun way to wrap things up for me. 
  4. David Wright’s flip-out at Terry Collins for pinch-hitting for him. It’s so refreshing to have the Mets actually actively entertaining me rather than depressing me this year. That’s all I have to say about that. 
  5. I broke one of my biggest life rules this week and bought a pink Mets hat. I vowed to myself long ago that I’d never buy girly/pink team accessories.  I was looking through the Shop clearance section and saw this little beauty.  If you know me personally, you know that I cannot resist hot pink. It was on clearance, it was cute, and I can totally wear it to the beach! 

Friday Five: How Sweep it is edition

  1. A couple of my friends and I went out to Los Mariachis, a Mexican restaurant in Wallingford, for Cinco de Mayo. Unfortunately, Los Mariachis is also the ONLY Mexican restaurant in Wallingford. Usually the food and service are great, but because everyone else in town had the same idea as us, the place was packed. We waited 2 hours for a table (I’m pretty sure the host forgot about us). The margarita I had was excellent though. Afterwards a few of us went over my friend Amy’s for more drinks.  We watched the Muppet Movie: I saw it for the first time, and I loved it. 
  2. The Mets swept the Phillies in Philadelphia for the first time since 2006! I love when the Mets actually pull off a sweep, and I love it even more when they pull it off against the Phillies! Yes, I know the Phils are without Ryan Howard and Chase Utley right now, but the beating them just feels so good.  Plus, the Mets finally broke out of that rut they were in against the Rockies and the Dbacks.  I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about the rest of this season. Yes, it’s only May. Honestly, I’ll be happy if the Mets play .500 baseball for the rest of the season.
  3. On another note, one of the game highlights on my MLB At Bat app was the Philly Phanatic holding a baby.  First of all, the Philly Phanatic is not deserving of having one of the game highlights. If I was that baby I’d be screaming my ass off. The Philly Phanatic is creepy and is also my least favorite mascot in sports.  He looks like a chicken mated with a creepy green alien.  Mr. Met is a family man. I’d trust him with my kid.  The Philly Phanatic…not so much. Besides being scary, he’s always causing trouble.
  4. I am officially obsessed with Smart Art! I’m writing a couple manuals for work right now, and I’ve been shamelessly using Smart Art as much as I can.  The shapes make everything look way more professional and classy, and they’re just fun. 
  5. So I’m finally in the market for a new computer (well, once I get reimbursed my deposit for my wisdom teeth and start my VISTA Leader position). I’m thinking of getting a refurbished MacBook Air or MacBook Pro (depending on what’s available/cheapest at the time). I really don’t need a laptop for much beyond word processing and surfing the web. I also love the Mac OS and the aesthetics of both the Air and the Pro.  And any computer, even refurbished, is better than the one I have now. I’m waiting until July, when my next service term starts, to buy anything anyway (my stipend will be bigger than the one I have now). 

Friday five: First edition

  1. I’m shamelessly stealing this concept from one of my favorite authors/bloggers, Sarah Dessen. I’ve been reading her blog since it was hosted on LiveJournal back in the day (I even won a signed copy of Along for the Ride  and a t-shirt from one of her giveaways last year!), and I always looked forward to her Friday Five posts. Also, I need to update this more regularly, and I think having some day-themed posts would be a really good start!
  2. I have had a 30 second loop of Gotye’s “Somebody I Used To Know” stuck in my head ALL WEEK.  I went a long time without actually hearing the song, and after hearing it for the first time on the radio Monday, I’ve had it in my head ever since.  I felt bad for my coworkers today because I was singing it over and over and over again in the office (also I don’t have a very good singing voice–that’s why I was in the band and not the choir for all those years). So yes, I like the song, but dear god. It’s a worse ear worm than Bieber’s “Boyfriend.” 
  3. The Mets recovered from that awful series with San Francisco that injured two of our guys (Jason Bay’s ribs, Mike Pelfrey’s elbow) and swept the Marlins! It was really sad for me to see Jose Reyes playing with another team. As you all know, he was tied for my second favorite player, and I couldn’t stand to hear him be booed.  Yes, he signed with another team. But did the Mets have enough money to pay him? No. You can ask Bernie Madoff where that money went.  And my boy David Wright is now the Mets all-time career leader in RBIs! Yes, my dad said that wasn’t really a big deal. But I think that really shows that the Mets can’t let D-Wright go like they did Jose.  Both of them were/are big names for this franchise, and to let both go and replace them with hobos would be a huge mistake on the Mets’ behalf. Losing one was hard enough!
  4. I have been trying (and failing) to replicate the Katniss braid from the Hunger Games.  Basically, the whole process has left me with one key question. Do I have a funny shaped head, or am I just that inept at braiding? I think a little of both.  I guess I should have spent more time playing with my hair as a child than re-reading the Little House books five million times.  Whatever, I’ll keep trying. I just wish I could be as fierce as Katniss/Jennifer Lawrence.
  5. During my wisdom tooth recovery I got sucked into watching America’s Next Top Model reruns (older cycles HOLLA).  I know they’re bad for me, but I just can’t turn my eyes away.  WHY DO I LET THIS HAPPEN TO ME? Why can’t I be interested in classy/legit/good television shows? 

Picture perfect


Hey guys! As you can see I’m obsesse with Instagram (even if it did sell out to Facebook). The past few weeks have been pretty good. I got out of work early last Friday because I helped pot some plants for the office. It was a beautiful day out, so I got a pretty good deal on that.


I swear, doesn’t my dog look like a model? I was watching Mets/Phillies (I think the Mets eventually lost this game, and my least favorite pitcher of all time Cole Hamels was on the mound for the Phils. Blech).



My little brother was visiting colleges last week. It doesn’t seem like he could be that old already! He went with my parents on a tour of a bunch of New England schools (including my alma mater Holy Cross), and I was home alone with my dog for a few days.


The best part of having oral surgery is MILKSHAKES.  McDonalds makes fab milkshakes even though the rest of their menu is kind of lacking.


And finally I got the coolest new case for my iPod! I have a Nano and it’s really small so I kept losing it, and I bought a slap bracelet case! It’s great for the gym or just keeping the iPod in my purse. LOVE.

Jose, I’ll Be Missing You

In case you couldn’t tell, I am a huge Mets fan. I bleed orange and blue and obsessively keep track of Mets games (watching via the Gameday animations even when I was living in Massachusetts).

I know I’m late getting in on the Jose Reyes to Miami deal. I wanted to wait a little bit because I was a little upset when the deal was announced (just check out my Twitter responses from that day). The other day, the song above popped up on my Facebook news feed (not revealing who I creeped on to find it), and totally nailed my feelings for the whole matter. Spoiler alert: It’s a parody of P. Diddy’s Missing You, which he released after Biggie got shot. Just listen to it. You will laugh your ass off.

I didn’t really get into the Mets until I was in high school (partially because I was entranced by the aw-shucks good looks of David Wright). As I was watching more and more baseball, Jose Reyes emerged as one of the premiere shortstops in the game. Jose captured our hearts with his propensity for stealing bases, talent at hitting triples, and penchant for developing hilarious handshakes with his team mates. He and David Wright were our guys, home grown players that could finally bring a ‘ship back to Flushing.

I’m really glad that I got the chance to see Jose play in person (he legged out a triple in one game and stole two bases in the other). Jose was the sparkplug for the Mets, and he was truly an exciting player to watch. It’s clear that Jose loves the game, and that’s great. I just wanted him to love the Mets more than he loves money.

The move to Miami felt like a punch to the face to me. Honestly, most Mets fans knew at the end of the season that Jose was long gone. Still, I know I had some hope that Sandy could pull the money together, or that Jose would take a hometown discount. Sadly, neither happened (Damn you Bernie Madoff!!).

I’m happy he won the batting title this year (it’s funny to me that after all the controversy over Jose taking himself out of the game, Ryan Braun got nailed for performance-enhancing drug use). And I’m happy for the good times Jose had with the Mets. I just can’t be happy for him now. Jose was never my number one favorite Met (sorry bro, that honor belongs to D-Wright), but he rang in at a close second. Jose helped get my sister interested in baseball with his Profesor Reyes skit between innings at Shea. I also just really loved his enthusiasm for the game…not to mention The Claw.

I just can’t be happy for him now, especially now that he’ll be wearing those tacky new Marlin uniforms instead of the orange and blue.

Jose, I wish you a great end to your career. Just no wins against the Mets, and no rings without playing for them.

I will miss you next season like Diddy misses Biggie. Well, unless Ike Davis starts hitting triples left and right—doubtful.