I can walk again!

All things considered, this has been a pretty good week!

My foot isn't hideous anymore!My ankle is doing a lot better! The swelling is gone and the bruising is finally starting to fade, so I was finally able to wear cute shoes again this week!  I have been dying to rock these cap toed flats since I got them before my tragic ankle injury.  Let me just say, I love walking! And looking cute. And not having my foot look like Honey Boo Boo’s mama’s forklift foot.

sock bun Thanks to the lovely Rebecca (and the awesome tutorial at Hello Giggles) for inspiring me to learn the art of the sock bun! I am officially obsessed with sock bun-ing and I’m gradually getting better at it, so A+ for Alyssa. I’ve been admiring sock buns on blogs and in real life but never thought that I could do it (well, until I sprained my ankle and couldn’t really do anything else but mess around with my hair). To those of you who are beauty impaired like me…you can do it!

I also found one of the lids to my classy ’95 Holy Cross mug (of which I have three  or four…I lost count).  I can feel myself starting to get sick, so I drank up on warm beverages to soothe my itchy throat.  I brought the mug to work and I think my coworkers are super jealous. Actually, I don’t think anyone has seen it yet. Whatever, haters gonna hate.

Speaking of work, I’m really starting to hit my groove! I did two site visits this week, visiting VISTAs at two of the elementary schools in New Haven. Our project staff has also been coordinating a statewide training with the state office and another project, so things have been pretty busy, but I am really loving it!


I’m going back to the start

So I’m back from a great weekend! My wonderful friend Tina was on the East Coast this weekend, so Sarah, Meghan, and I all met up with her in Worcester! We spent some time hanging out on the Holy Cross campus and reminiscing about our HC days.

There have been so many changes on campus in the year since we graduated! HC got rid of a set of rickety old stairs that my friends and I dubbed “the creepy stairs” and replaced them with a classy cement (I think) staircase complete with benches. The Hogan quad also got a major upgrade.

Say what you will, but Holy Cross has probably the most beautiful campus I’ve ever seen.

 I didn’t really take too many pictures of the campus after graduation, so I aggressively Instagrammed the hell out of everything I saw.  I just love showing off my alma mater!

Afterwords, we got Vietnamese! I had pho for the first time, and now I’m obsessed. Luckily for me,  Wallingford recently got a Vietnamese restaurant!

Finally,  only a few days after our visit, Father Brooks, the President Emeritus of the College, passed away. Father Brooks was instrumental in shaping Holy Cross into the school it is today.  He led the way in integrating the school when many other voices were against him, and played a huge part in the school going coed.  Journalist Diane Brady even wrote Fraternity about several black men Father Brooks personally recruited and mentored at Holy Cross, including Clarence Thomas,  Stanley Grayson, Ted Wells, Ed Jones, and Eddie Jenkins. The book is a great read even if you’re not a Holy Cross alum, because Brady showed the school for what it was back in the day, warts and all.

Without Father Brooks,  many of my classmates definitely would not have had the experience we had at Holy Cross.  I never had the pleasure of meeting or taking a class with Father Brooks, but he played a huge role in developing Holy Cross into the amazing Jesuit liberal arts college it is today.

One year out!

I meant to write a post on this last week, but I am still in shock that it has been a year since I graduated from Holy Cross.  Sometimes I feel like I should be moving into Carlin for Kimball week or waking up at godawful times to go on a band trip.

A couple weeks ago my 17 year old brother went on a tour of  Holy Cross himself. Way to make ME feel old.

This past year has flown by.  I’ve struggled with moving back home and starting a new job;  more recently I started transitioning out of my AmeriCorps service and into a new service position.  I miss working ridiculous numbers of shifts at Kimball, watching TLC and doing nails with my roomies on Fridays, and acting like a lunatic with the band at basketball games.

Still, moving forward has been amazing. It’s so nice not to go crazy over exams or papers  or wake up early on Saturday to haul marching band equipment down to Fitton. I still miss my friends, but freshman year of real life hasn’t been that bad so far. Here’s to sophomore year being even better.

st patrick’s day


As many of you may know, I worked at the campus dining hall in college as a Kimball Captain. You may also know that I attended Holy Cross, and that St. Patrick’s day is one of the most holy traditions to the HC student body.

As a result of my Kimballholism (read: constant state of poverty during college), I ended up working on St. Patrick’s day dinner for three years in a row. St. Patrick’s day dinner is one of the worst shifts to work at Kimball (aside from Spring Weekend). The best way to describe that shift is “shit show.” One year I actually ended up cleaning vomit off a table (I thought it was tomato sauce). Okay, the first two years I worked St. Patty’s dinner totally by choice. Sophomore year I was desperate for cash to finance my study abroad trip to Luxembourg and junior year I got guilted into working by my boss. I ended up working that shift on senior year because my friend Patricia and I accidently signed up for the Thursday dinner shift. St. Patrick’s day fell on a Thursday that year. Do the math.

Anyway, I enjoyed spending St Patrick’s day away from the drunken masses. I baked some Guinness and Bailey’s cupcakes (pictured above) and spent some time with some good friends.

Still, I found myself yearning for the rush of St. Patrick’s day at Holy Cross and Kimball…

unrelated: Mad props to Lehigh for beating Duke in the NCAA tournament and doing the Patriot League proud even I though wish it was Holy Cross instead


Work has been pretty hectic this past week. Everything at OPP is winding down for the holidays, so it’s crunch time. OPP recently received a grant from Youth Service America to serve as a lead coordinator for Martin Luther King Day service events. The Public Ally at our site (Phil, who wrote the grant), and the VISTAs (Jacqui, JoJo, and I) are in charge of coordinating OPP’s service project and reporting on volunteer projects throughout the state. I’m super happy to be involved with MLK Day–as you may know, my favorite class at Holy Cross was 20th Century Social Movements with the fabulous Stephanie Yuhl–but we only found out that we won the grant about a week ago. MLK day is in a month. Do the math. Chaos ensues!

So let me just say I was pumped when I came home to find the following three things: a basket full of cookies that my mom got from work, my Nook2Android card to hack my NookColor into a tablet, andddd…..MY HOLY CROSS YEARBOOK!


Got my yearbook! Please excuse the towel turban~

My friend Tina was the editor of the yearbook, so naturally there are a million pictures of me and my friends within the Purple Patcher. The cover is gorgeous, the pictures are great (except for one extremely unflattering picture of me in a marching band uniform…but it’s super small so I won’t complain that much.)…Tina nailed it! I technically was on yearbook staff but I didn’t do nearly as much hard work as Tina did, so I have to give her mad props.

This yearbook makes my high school yearbook look like an issue of the National Enquirer. I graduated high school in 2007 so the yearbook staff attempted to pull off a spy theme. I say attempted because the handprint on the cover makes my yearbook perpetually look like someone had dipped their hands into a bag of Lays before touching the yearbook. Plus, my friend’s name was spelled differently (none correctly) every time it appeared in the yearbook.

Yes, the Holy Cross Purple Patcher puts the Sheehan High yearbook to shame.

Seriously. This was the perfect treat to come home to (well, besides the cookies).

Alright ya’ll, I gotta go creep through the yearbook like I’ve been dying to do since we started to put it together.

hired! even though i almost had a heart attack

So remember that last post I made about all the rejections I’ve gotten in the past couple weeks?

Turns out that the gig I was supposed to hear about on Friday called me back today….and I got it! I will be an AmeriCorps VISTA member at Our Piece of the Pie in Hartford, CT. OPP’s mission is to help urban youth develop into successful adults, whether it be by helping them graduate high school, go to college, or get a job. I’m most likely going to be working on a project in the Quality Assurance department, which might involve social media.  I accepted the position right away. After reading about OPP and looking at all the other VISTA positions I applied to, this one seems to be the best fit. I love the organization’s mission, the fact that it is in Connecticut, and the people who interviewed me seemed to be really great.  I really really REALLY wanted to be a part of OPP when I first visited the website, and now I’m so happy to be a part of it!

Of course, I was so nervous when I got the call. I’m pretty sure I bombed the interview (note to self: always use a land line during a phone interview.  Cell phone + room in the basement=fail fyi), but I’m so happy nonetheless. I found out while I was at work, immediately took my lunch break and walked to Stop and Shop, practically danced around the aisles, and almost hugged the other intern (keyword: almost. Sorry bro).

So I’ll be headed down to Philly on August 8th for pre-service Orientation, and start work at OPP on August 12th. This is so surreal!

I’m sad to leave HPO, they’ve been so great to me this past year. But I am so happy to join OPP. And potentially blog about being a VISTA. Yay for having something to write about!

Aside: I made dinner for the sibz tonight: this variation on a Chipotle burrito bowl. Oh. my. god. So delish. I’m pumped there were leftovers for lunch tomorrow! And kind of related but not really: there’s a glorious Chipotle in West Hartford!  So I guess it’s West Hartford: Hartford :: Shrewsbury:Worcester…at least regarding my favorite burrito establishment.

And finally, I found out today that my favorite public safety officer, Gramps, passed away this past weekend. Gramps was the best pub safe officer ever: every football game he would tell the members of the band (including moi) to play as loudly as possible from Fitton Field so that he could hear it up at the Hart….even though we were a 30 piece band with 3 trumpets at most. He was truly a great man, and brought so much to campus.  RIP GRAMPS.