Work work

Grad school is a lot of work, yo. The new Britney is basically my theme song for the weekend.

The past month has been super busy for me with M&Ms: midterms (econ two weeks ago, stats tonight, finance on Monday) and memos. Memos are my program’s equivalent of papers–they’re basically aimed at teaching us how to write professionally. Let me just say that I miss academic writing sometimes!

I’ve been doing well in most of my classes grades-wise, and I feel confident about the exam I took tonight.  Let’s hope this trend keeps up for my finance midterm!

My grad assistantship also keeps me busy. I help coordinate events, like open houses and speaker series.  I’m also helping out with the MPA 40th Anniversary Gala and the search for a new faculty member.  I’m only there 15 hours a week, but I feel like I cram 40 hours of work into that 15 hours.

Finally, I made some life decisions this week! I decided to apply for a certificate in public finance and budgeting. I came in to the MPA program thinking of focusing in nonprofit management, but over the past few weeks I’ve come to realize that my employment outcomes will probably be better if I do public finance. UConn has the number 7 ranked public finance program in the country (in terms of MPA programs), and the public finance grads tend to do better job wise.

Even if I take this path, I can still work in the nonprofit world or in government, and I can still help people.  I’ll just be more marketable.  And I can always do the grad certificate in nonprofit management after I finish my MPA if I decide it’s something I need.



Free at last!

  1. I’m officially on vacation for the next week! Well, technically it’s mostly a staycation for me since I’m only going away for a couple days. I had saved up my personal time to use at the end of my service term for job interviews and whatnot. Once I got my VISTA Leader position, I didn’t need to use that time anymore, so I decided to take this whole week off! I’m going to the Cape with a couple of my good friends from Holy Cross from June 1st to June 3rd. I’ll spend the rest of the week running some errands, renewing my license, and generally decompressing. I haven’t had a whole week off since last August, so this week is totally welcome to me. 
  2. I’m getting a head start on my summer reading list (translation: finally reading all the paperbacks I bought years ago and never got the chance to use). Right now I’m reading Live From New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live, and a YA novel about beauty pageant contestants stranded on a desert island a-la Lord of the Flies called Beauty Queens.  Both are pretty good so far! I’m open to any suggestions! (Sidenote: you can add me on Goodreads if you’re into that kind of thing)
  3. Speaking of books, I love reading on my Nook!  I have both the Nook Simple Touch and the Nook Color, but the reading experience on the NST is overwhelmingly better, at least in my opinion. I was an e-reader doubter until I got one myself, and I would totally recommend a Nook to anyone looking for an e-reader.  Plus, I can read in the sun on the Nook. 
  4. I did a 2-hour Zumbathon to benefit my friends’ Relay for Life team on Monday. When I first started doing Zumba, I never thought I would be able to keep it going for this long. I had a lot of fun. I also sweated more than I ever have in my life. And that’s including wearing a marching band uniform in Florida or during the Memorial Day Parade. 
  5. David Wright is still being awesome! D-Wright has always been my favorite player since he came up, so it’s great seeing him play so well. He is currently batting .405 and leading the team in other categories. All with a broken pinkie. Well, maybe the pinkie has healed itself.  And Fred Wilpon said David Wright wasn’t a superstar? 

sorry bro…i’m back

Hello friends!  So I have been procrastinating on making this post.   Many things have happened since I last wrote here—and I’ve also thought up many different topics for my first post of 2012.

First it was supposed to be about my New Year’s Eve plans. Carrie and I went to visit Rebecca in Harlem.  While Rebecca was running around preparing her house for the party, Carrie and I met up with our friend Sovita in SoHo.  We crashed the JVC New Year’s party at Rebecca’s crib. We also got to see our friend Sean!  I for one had a great time. I miss my friends from Holy Cross so very much, so it was really special to be able to start 2012 off with them. I hadn’t seen Sean or Sovita since graduation, and I haven’t really been able to talk to Carrie as much as I’ve wanted to because she is interning in England. All in all, this was probably the best NYE I’ve had in a couple of years.

I was also going to write about our MLK Day project. Everything went really well! We gave out 12 mini grants, tracked many projects across the state, and helped organize our own service project. The Peace Vigil went very well, and I even ended up in the newspaper because of it (fourth picture in the gallery). My coworker Phil did an amazing job orchestrating the Peace Vigil—it definitely wouldn’t have been possible without him! I also randomly saw some fellow Holy Cross alums at the Peace Vigil (they’re working in Hartford for Teach for America).

Then…tragedy struck. I got super sick last week and missed a couple days of work.  I finally started to feel better by the beginning of this week…only to be hit with yet another cold.  I blame it on the weather. I tend to get sick whenever fall turns to winter or winter turns to spring. The weather here in Connecticut is unreal. It was (no joke) 60 degrees yesterday. I don’t mind—I’m happy it hasn’t snowed because the snow would make my 40 minute commute to Hartford even more hellish than it already is.

My computer is also being more stupid than it has ever been before—it takes a long time to start up and to set up the display on the external monitor. I know, stupid computer is not a great excuse for not blogging.

Anyway, I do actually have plans for this weekend! I’m going into NYC tomorrow with my mom and sister to celebrate my sister’s 21st birthday.  I’m not quite sure what we’re doing, but it should be pretty fun.  Then, I am watching  the Superbowl with some of my friends from home. I am super pumped!

The Giants have been distracting me from the Mets offseason, which is great because I am still in mourning over the loss of Jose Reyes. And I also just don’t want to hear any more David Wright trade rumors. Those kill me.

Well, gotta run, but I will be back more! I promise!