And the man…was a midget

Finally, after five long years, R. Kelly released Chapter 23 of Trapped in the Closet! As an avid Trapped in the Closet fan, I was delighted (read: nearly wetting myself with joy). Trapped in the Closet is probably one of the most entertaining things I have ever seen in my entire life. I know that I can watch it any time I’m feeling sad or stressed out, and I will instantaneously feel relieved.

While Chapter 23 raises more questions than answers (Who has the package? Where is Chuck? How did Twan’s arms get so big), I am heartened to see that the next 20 chapters will be released on Black Friday. I can’t wait to force more of my friends to watch it!

Anyway, here are the top reasons why I love Trapped in the Closet.

  • Hip-hopera is an innovative format.
  • It helped me bond with my college roommate, who later became one of my best friends!
  • It is completely ridiculous.
  • I enjoyed making my Kimball workers play R Kelly Trivia to pick jobs
  • It brings people together–two of the actors got married after falling in love on the set!
  • Trapped in the Closet was nominated for a Grammy but lost out to Madonna. Clearly Kells was robbed.
  • Two words: Pimp Lucious.

R. Kelly is either completely insane or a comedic genius for Trapped in the Closet. I like to say that Kells is a genius. Thank you Kells for giving the world this work of art.

Also I apologize for how disjointed this post is…that’s what you get when you react out of pure joy and delight.

Counting down

  1. I am beyond excited to start my VISTA Leader position in a couple of weeks! Basically, a VISTA Leader serves as a mentor and coordinator to multiple VISTAs working on a multi-site project.  I’ll be facilitating meetings, helping out with some statewide VISTA training,  recruiting the 2013-2014 VISTA team, and reporting. I also get to do some internet stuff to market the project, which I’m really pumped about.  All in all, I think this will be a great change of pace from my current assignment and will definitely keep me busy. I met up with the project’s current VISTAs and VISTA Leader last night for a happy hour, and I’m beyond ready to begin.  I’ve also connected with next year’s VISTA team on Facebook. I know the job is going to be tough, but after this year, I’m totally up for the challenge. 
  2. The Cape Cod Bear made it all the way up to Provincetown! He also has his own Twitter account. Part of me kind of wishes that I had glimpsed him while I was on the Cape last weekend. Then again I was sleeping in a tent last weekend so a visit from the bear probably wouldn’t have been welcomed. 
  3. I have a mandatory all-staff meeting at Six Flags New England next week. I’m a little excited but I’m also not looking forward to driving up there although my fellow VISTA Jacqui graciously offered to meet me in Hartford and carpool the rest of the way up).
  4. I am craving falafel right now like no other. I tried out Mamoun’s in New Haven for the first time last week and fell immediately in love. The falafel place I go to in West Hartford doesn’t even compare anymore, tastewise or price wise.   I should have picked some up while I was in New Haven last night but I’m sure I’ll have plenty of opportunities to get me some Mamoun’s when I start working there next month.
  5. R. Kelly’s autobiography Soulacoaster is officially coming out soon. I really want to read it, but no way am I paying $20 for it. Even the ebook version is $20! No way am I shelling out $20 bucks for an ebook copy. Kells, I know you need money, but cut a sista some slack. I’m a national service member living off poverty level wages. I can’t spare 20 bucks for your book! Soulacoaster is also the kind of book I’d be embarrassed to borrow from the library. Oh well, at least I can enjoy his new single, Feelin’ Single. (Disclosure: I haven’t actually listened to it yet. I hope it’s as good as the song he yodels in).