I can walk again!

All things considered, this has been a pretty good week!

My foot isn't hideous anymore!My ankle is doing a lot better! The swelling is gone and the bruising is finally starting to fade, so I was finally able to wear cute shoes again this week!  I have been dying to rock these cap toed flats since I got them before my tragic ankle injury.  Let me just say, I love walking! And looking cute. And not having my foot look like Honey Boo Boo’s mama’s forklift foot.

sock bun Thanks to the lovely Rebecca (and the awesome tutorial at Hello Giggles) for inspiring me to learn the art of the sock bun! I am officially obsessed with sock bun-ing and I’m gradually getting better at it, so A+ for Alyssa. I’ve been admiring sock buns on blogs and in real life but never thought that I could do it (well, until I sprained my ankle and couldn’t really do anything else but mess around with my hair). To those of you who are beauty impaired like me…you can do it!

I also found one of the lids to my classy ’95 Holy Cross mug (of which I have three  or four…I lost count).  I can feel myself starting to get sick, so I drank up on warm beverages to soothe my itchy throat.  I brought the mug to work and I think my coworkers are super jealous. Actually, I don’t think anyone has seen it yet. Whatever, haters gonna hate.

Speaking of work, I’m really starting to hit my groove! I did two site visits this week, visiting VISTAs at two of the elementary schools in New Haven. Our project staff has also been coordinating a statewide training with the state office and another project, so things have been pretty busy, but I am really loving it!


Homecoming 2.0

I headed back to the Cross for homecoming this weekend!

I picked up Carrie in New Haven after work, and we headed up to Worcester! Our friend Sarah graciously offered to host us, so we headed    over to her house. After a nice hot meal of pho on Park Avenue (and an encounter with our class dean from Holy Cross) we headed home to watch some bad TV and go to sleep.

We got up bright and early to attend the Holy Cross Goodtime Marching Band alumni event!  I joined a bunch of other band alumni in marching at halftime and performing in the stands. I love busting out the flute every so often, so homecoming was a great excuse to do so.  I also love seeing all the band members past and present. Band was a huge part of my life in college, and was probably one of the best things I ever did. Like ever.

Unfortunately, HC lost to Dartmouth 13-10. 😦

After the game, the bandos (Carrie, Meghan, Michelle, and I) met up with Sarah, Rebecca, Sean, Caitlin, and Fallon for a nice meal on Shrewsbury Street.  I probably laughed harder than I have in a long time. Eventually we all met up again for a party at Michelle’s house in Worcester. I personally had a great time, but I know all of us were exhausted from being at the game all day. Either way, I always enjoy Michelle’s parties because she is probably one of the classiest people I know. Period.

Finally, after a nice breakfast at Culpepper’s with Rebecca and Sean, Carrie and I began our journey back to Connecticut. We made good time and got Carrie back to her swearing in ceremony with time to spare.

I promptly went home and sprained my ankle while helping my mom bring in groceries. Typical Alyssa. WHOMP WHOMP.