Friday five: First edition

  1. I’m shamelessly stealing this concept from one of my favorite authors/bloggers, Sarah Dessen. I’ve been reading her blog since it was hosted on LiveJournal back in the day (I even won a signed copy of Along for the Ride  and a t-shirt from one of her giveaways last year!), and I always looked forward to her Friday Five posts. Also, I need to update this more regularly, and I think having some day-themed posts would be a really good start!
  2. I have had a 30 second loop of Gotye’s “Somebody I Used To Know” stuck in my head ALL WEEK.  I went a long time without actually hearing the song, and after hearing it for the first time on the radio Monday, I’ve had it in my head ever since.  I felt bad for my coworkers today because I was singing it over and over and over again in the office (also I don’t have a very good singing voice–that’s why I was in the band and not the choir for all those years). So yes, I like the song, but dear god. It’s a worse ear worm than Bieber’s “Boyfriend.” 
  3. The Mets recovered from that awful series with San Francisco that injured two of our guys (Jason Bay’s ribs, Mike Pelfrey’s elbow) and swept the Marlins! It was really sad for me to see Jose Reyes playing with another team. As you all know, he was tied for my second favorite player, and I couldn’t stand to hear him be booed.  Yes, he signed with another team. But did the Mets have enough money to pay him? No. You can ask Bernie Madoff where that money went.  And my boy David Wright is now the Mets all-time career leader in RBIs! Yes, my dad said that wasn’t really a big deal. But I think that really shows that the Mets can’t let D-Wright go like they did Jose.  Both of them were/are big names for this franchise, and to let both go and replace them with hobos would be a huge mistake on the Mets’ behalf. Losing one was hard enough!
  4. I have been trying (and failing) to replicate the Katniss braid from the Hunger Games.  Basically, the whole process has left me with one key question. Do I have a funny shaped head, or am I just that inept at braiding? I think a little of both.  I guess I should have spent more time playing with my hair as a child than re-reading the Little House books five million times.  Whatever, I’ll keep trying. I just wish I could be as fierce as Katniss/Jennifer Lawrence.
  5. During my wisdom tooth recovery I got sucked into watching America’s Next Top Model reruns (older cycles HOLLA).  I know they’re bad for me, but I just can’t turn my eyes away.  WHY DO I LET THIS HAPPEN TO ME? Why can’t I be interested in classy/legit/good television shows? 

Picture perfect


Hey guys! As you can see I’m obsesse with Instagram (even if it did sell out to Facebook). The past few weeks have been pretty good. I got out of work early last Friday because I helped pot some plants for the office. It was a beautiful day out, so I got a pretty good deal on that.


I swear, doesn’t my dog look like a model? I was watching Mets/Phillies (I think the Mets eventually lost this game, and my least favorite pitcher of all time Cole Hamels was on the mound for the Phils. Blech).



My little brother was visiting colleges last week. It doesn’t seem like he could be that old already! He went with my parents on a tour of a bunch of New England schools (including my alma mater Holy Cross), and I was home alone with my dog for a few days.


The best part of having oral surgery is MILKSHAKES.  McDonalds makes fab milkshakes even though the rest of their menu is kind of lacking.


And finally I got the coolest new case for my iPod! I have a Nano and it’s really small so I kept losing it, and I bought a slap bracelet case! It’s great for the gym or just keeping the iPod in my purse. LOVE.

everybody’s working for the weekend


After I graduated from Holy Cross, I started working full time right off the bat at my summer internship from the year before. I’m grateful that I had at least a source of income besides my Kimball bonus so soon after graduation: however, I wish I had taken some time to catch my breath and enjoy being done.

I spent the summer working/saving money and applying for service positions. After completing many applications and enduring 4 interviews, I finally landed an AmeriCorps VISTA position at a youth development agency in Hartford. I only had a week between finishing my internship and VISTA Pre-Service Orientation.

Since then I’ve been working full time without any real time to take a break. With the end of my service term looming ever closer, I’m starting the job hunt once again. And I am completely scared about it. I worked hard in school and at my internship and at my VISTA placement, but I’m just afraid that those things won’t matter.

I went to a training for life after AmeriCorps next week that kick started me into the job search.. Let me tell you, re-starting the job hunt is stressful!

Much props to the Career Planning Department at Holy Cross for reviewing my resume for me so quickly! I didn’t realize how much my resume sucked until I talked to Career Planning. Now I’m tweaking it and making it look classy, and I feel so much better moving forward. I’d be crazy excited if I got a position so soon, but I’m trying to be more realistic about the job hunt this time. Submitting an application or getting an interview doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got the job (I learned this the hard way last summer).

Anyway, so that’s what’s up with me on the post VISTA thang. Let’s hope it all works out!



In other news, I finally got my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday at the ripe old age of 23. I was super nervous in the days before the surgery (thanks to my fellow VISTAs Jacqui and JoJo for listening to me complain about the wisdom teeth stuff even though I’m sure they were dying to smack me every time I mentioned it). Mostly, I’m afraid of needles, and I got intravenous sedation, so that was probably the worst part of it for me. I was partially  conscious during the procedure, but it was more cool than scary. I didn’t feel anything, but the doctor let me know when he was done extracting a tooth.

So far the pain has been pretty manageable, mostly because I’ve been taking the prescription painkillers the doctor recommended. I figure I’d rather take the painkillers and be a little nauseous than feel the pain.

That’s about it with me.  I’ll be back tomorrow or Sunday with some Instagrams (I know, I’m a little obsessed!)

Photo post- aka I love Instagram


Baked eggs with salsa and cheese! I am obsessed with baked eggs right now! You can check out the recipe I used here. Baked eggs are super simple to make and taste delicious. Plus, you can change them up very easily, which gives them an A+ in my book!


I just love my dog! We have become BFFs since I moved back home.


I visited my friend Sarah last weekend. She works at Dismas, a transitional program for men who have been in prison. The farm has tons of animals. Luckily for me, the sheep had recently had little baby lambs. I had no idea that sheep could have little cow spots! One of the lambs was a little baby black sheep.


I’m making this post from my iPhone so I apologize if the formatting is weird! Ok, back to watching ANTM reruns and working on my resume!